As the purebred arabian is meant to please and perform,
The Kossack Stud demands, charism and beauty of its horses.
Starting point for breeding, showing and performance,
it pays off. So why should you accept any less?......

The Kossack Stud is situated in the beautiful polder “De Beemster”, World Heritage site of Unesco.

The names of “Den Hartog” and “The Kossack Stud” are widely known among horselovers, not only in Europe but far beyond. Their names are linked with the arabian thoroughbred and when only the best will do, breed with the best russian bloodlines outside Russia and the best french bloodlines outside France.


Kossack Stud’s first arabian was “Neptun” in the early sixty’s, legandary son of Pomeranets. His succes formed the start of breeding purebred arabians on a large state.

Today the Kossack Stud has all the modern facilities to please the arabian horse: big boxes, washing rooms, indoor arena, 2 outdoor arena’s, roofed walker, racetrack, an EEC accepted import- and export station (NL 8496) for transported fresh (cooled) and frozen semen, transported worldwide by famous stallions like Balaton, Kubinec, Vatican, Drug, Nikel, Kupol, Kunar T, Gomel, Pobeditel, Madras, Nougatin, Marwan, Murhib and many many others.
The products of these stallions out of the russian foundation mares of the Kossack Stud are very well in demand and are winning shows, endurance and races worldwide.

When you ordering fresh semen of one our stallions before 10.00 hours UPS or Hippo Express will deliver the next morning throughout Europe. We have also the possibility to import and store frozen semen from all kind of stallions all over the world.

The Kossack Stud welcomes all mares to our facility. The services for your mare and foal, conducted in conjunction with our contracted veterinarian, may include some or all of the following:
Complete reproduction examination, Artificial insemination with fresh, cooled or frozen semen, Embryo Transfer, Boarding for pregnant mares and foaling (foaling alarm system), Weaning of foals.

Marketing horses is already for the fourth generation in the “den Hartog” family. In our opinion, an important key is ensuring client’s success. But involved with marketing and breeding purebred Arabians is since the early sixties, when Robbie den Hartog Sr. bought his first Arabian in Russia. Since that time many famous purebred Arabians passed The Kossack Stud on their way to new owners, like:
Muscat (USA), Moment (USA), Nariadni (USA), Padron (USA), Poznan (USA), Naturel (USA), Peleng (UK), Menes (USA), Pakistan (UAE), Kubinec (Germany), Pesennik (Brazil), Drug (UAE)... and many, many others.
From 1990 till 2006 we organized with the world-famous “Tersk Stud”, “THE TERSK HOLLAND SALE”. A lot of high quality horses are sold in this Sale, a “Meeting Point” for the International Arabian World.