• Abakana Kossack

    Pedigree Balaton x Amunitia by Antey Type: Show & sport In foal to Magic One by ET for 2017 In foal to ByStival Kossack & Aja Angelo for 2018 READ MORE
  • Adream of Kossack

    Pedigree WH Justice x Abakana Kossack by Balaton Type: Show & sport     READ MORE
  • Ariel

    Pedigree Aja Shakakhan x Artemida by Mukomol Type: Show & sport Ariel has a 2017 filly foal by Kanz Albidayer   READ MORE
  • Maringa

    Pedigree New Market x Mari by Nuits St. George Type: Race & sport Maringa has a 2017 filly by Marwan READ MORE
  • Pribaltika

    Pedigree Balaton x Pantomima by Naftalin Type: Show & sport In foal to A Quality of Kossack for 2018 READ MORE
  • Prisiage

    Pedigree Gordon x Purga by Gwizd Type: Show & sport In foal to NuStar Kossack for 2017 READ MORE
  • Sapina Kossack

    Pedigree Nougatin x Situacia by Topol Type: Race & sport Sapina has a 2017 Colt foal by Marwan READ MORE
  • Sharapova Kossack

    Pedigree Drug x Sapina Kossack by Nougatin Type: Race & sport   READ MORE
  • Tianna

    Pedigree Dormane x Traviata by Aspect Type: Race & sport In foal to Murhib for 2018 READ MORE
  • Voulu Kossack

    Pedigree Nougatin x Vesna by Balaton Type: Race & sport In foal to Assy for 2018 READ MORE
  • Vydumka

    Pedigree Madiar x Virsavia by Vatican Type: Race & sport In foal to Marwan for 2018 READ MORE