Super bloodlines for race & sport Madiar (Elite) x Virsavia (Elite) by
Vatican (Elite)
Born: 2000
Color: Grey
Breeder: The Tersk Stud



Vydumka is by Madiar, 6/33(15-10-3), Russian Derby Winner 1977, Winner of the Great Prize for 2yo colts, Great Summer Prize, Budjonny Prize, Comparison Prize, Great Sprinters Prize, Tersk Stud Prize, Topol Prize, DARC August Stakes in Holland and 2nd in the Prize of Europe 2000 in Warszawa, Poland. Madiar is also National Champion Stallion of Russia 2008.
Madiar is a son of Drug, 5/35(13-9-4), Russian Derby Winner, European ShowChampion Stallion and European Race Champion, now Chiefsire at the Royal Stables in UAE.
Madiar is a son of the legendary Aswan-daughter Martinika, 2/14(2-2-2), sold in the Tersk Holland Sale to France. Martinika is out of the broodmare legend Monogramma 2/14(4-3-3), dam of Monogram (by Negatraz), Sire of European- and World Champions.
Virsavia is the only Vatican-daughter used in the arabian breed in Russia.
Vatican 4/39(9-6-9) is Winner of the Prize of Europe, Warszawa/Poland, The Russian Comparison, Budjonny Prize, Closing Prize, National Champion Stallion res. in Holland, Champion Stallion in Augsburg, Germany and Sire of many superb offspring, at the track and in the showring. Sire of Mirok de Monpelou, European Champion Stallion.
Versia, 2/18(4-3-1), excellent racemare, Winner of the Russian Oaks, dam of excellent racehorses Vitraj (by Aromat), Virsavia (by Vatican) and Voshod(by Drug).


Results Vydumka

3/17 (0-2-2) raced in Russia and Holland.

Race results offspring Vydumka

Vasily Kossack by Marwan, 2006 chestnut colt

Best 3-years old racehorse in Poland in 2009
"Arabian Horse of the year 2010"

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Victor Kossack by Nougatin, 2009 chestnut colt

3rd place over 1700m, Sopot, Poland, July 21st, 2013
2nd place over 1400m, Warszawa, Poland, August 3rd, 2013
2nd place over 6000m, Warszawa, Poland, August 25th, 2013

V.I.P. Kossack by Marwan, 2012 grey colt

Winner over 1800m, Warszawa, Poland, June 7th, 2015
Winner Nagroda Borka over 1800m, Warszawa, Poland, July 4th, 2015
2nd place Nagroda Bialki (kat. A) over 2000m, Warszawa, Poland, August 23rd, 2015
Winner Nagroda Baska (kat. B) over 2000m, Warszawa, Poland, September 13th, 2015
2nd place over 2000m, Warszawa, Poland, May 20th, 2017
Winner over 1600m, Warszaw, Poland, June 11th, 2017
2nd place over 1800m, Warszawa, Poland, June 24th, 2017

Third place CEI* 80km, Samorin, Slovakia, 2019
Winner CEI** 120km, Klicskow, Poland, 2019
Polish National Champion Endurance 120km, Klicskow, Poland, 2019

For more videos of V.I.P. Kossack please click here.

Victory Kossack by Marwan, 2015 chestnut colt

Winner over 1800m, Warszawa Poland, July 29th, 2018
Winner Nagroda Embargo over 1800m, Warszawa Poland, November 10th, 2018


Dam of:

Vasily Kossack by Marwan, chestnut colt, sold to Poland

Vyduga Kossack by Nougatin, chestnut filly, sold in Holland

Victor Kossack by Nougatin, chestnut colt, sold to Poland

Va Vite Kossack by Marwan, chestnut filly, sold to Poland

V.I.P. Kossack by Marwan, grey colt, sold to Poland

Vymuria Kossack by Murhib, grey filly, sold to Russia

Viper Kossack by Murhib, grey colt, sold to Poland

Victory Kossack by Marwan, chestnut colt, sold to Poland

Voice Over Kossack by Marwan, chestnut colt, sold to Germany

Vol Gas Kossack by Marwan, chestnut colt at Kossack Stud

HB Vighter Kossack by Marwan, chestnut colt, sold to Germany

HB Vollow Me Kossack by Marwan, chestnut filly at Kossack Stud

HB Volumia Kossack by Murhib, grey filly at Kossack Stud

Madiar Virsavia
Drug Martinika Vatican Versia
Prizrak Karinka Aswan Monogramma Kumir Nevesta Naftalin Simpatika