• Silver for Ariyana KossackSeptember 9th, 2018

    Ariyana Kossack (ByStival Kossack x Akanza Kossack by Kanz Albidayer)

    Silver Champion Filly Foals at the Dutch Nationals 2018

    Presented by Tara den Hartog


  • Eurozone Cup 2018August 19th, 2018

    Again Gold for our A Kanz of Kossack!

    A Kanz of Kossack
    (Kanz Albidayer x Ariel by Aja Shakakhan)

    Gold Champion Junior Colts at the Eurozone Cup 2018 in Exloo, Holland!

    Perfectly trained and showed by Tom Oben.

    Thank you and the whole Obi Training Center Team for the excellent care and support!

    Pictures by Jan Kan – Kan Horse Photography


  • The first start and win of a Spiderman Kossack product!August 19th, 2018

    Feysal du Vallois (FR) (Spiderman Kossack x Inasya du Vallios by El Tirf Al Faras) winner over 1600m at the Wroclaw Racecourse Partynice in Poland last weekend.

    Our congratulations to all involved!

  • Victory Kossack winner in his debut race!July 29th, 2018

    First win for Victory Kossack (Marwan x Vydumka by Madiar) over 1800m at the Tor Sluzewiec Warszawa Racetrack in Poland.

    Congratulations to his owner and trainer Pawel Wasilewski!

  • The Kossack bloodlines winning at the racetrack in Poland July 29th, 2018

    A great day for our breeding program at the Tor Sluzewiec Warszawa Racetrack in Poland:

    Victory Kossack (Marwan x Vydumka by Madiar) - winner in his debut race
    Top Medina (Murhib x TopSpeed Kossack by Marwan) - winner over 1800m
    Tornado (by Vasily Kossack (Marwan x Vydumka by Madiar) - winner over 1600m
    Lady Dahess MNM (Dahess x Sarkozy Kossack by Drug) - 3rd over 1600m
    Sweet Dream (Murhib x Soleil Kossack by Marwan) - 3rd in the Polish Derby (Kat. A) over 3000m

  • PrimeVal Kossack winner at the Elran CupJuly 15th, 2018

    PrimeVal Kossack (Stival x Pribaltika by Balaton) winner of the Ridden Class at the Elran Arabian Cup Belgium 2018.

    Ridden by Tara den Hartog.

  • Little girls grow up! July 14th, 2018

    Vinara Kossack (Kunar T x Virba Kossack by Pobeditel) was Champion foal in Holland in 2012. Now 6 years later, she is the Gold Champion Senior Mare at the South East Region Show in the United Kingdom!

    Our congratulations to her owner Justin Harrison and to her trainer and handler Amanda Holloway

  • A second place for Vodka Kossack in the endurance! July 8th, 2018

    Vodka Kossack (Marwan x Voulu Kossack by Nougatin) finished second in the CEI* 90km with an average speed of 20.48 km/h in Lagoa de Antela, Spain!

    Our congratulations to his rider Alex Ventura Beneyto, owner Iberica Stables One S.L. and trainer Rui Brasao!

  • Bruges Arabian Horse Event 2018 June 9th, 2018

    A Gold Medal for A Kanz of Kossack at the Bruges Arabian Horse Event, Belgium, 2018


  • First time out for Nuphar Kossack in the CEI*May 26th, 2018

    Nuphar Kossack (Kunar T x Nuba Kossack by Kubinec) finished his first CEI* 80km with a nice 7th place in Comporta, Portugal.

    Congratulations to his trainer and rider Carlos Fonseca Oliveira and owner Rui Brasao!

    Bred by Jan Kan and the Kossack Stud

  • Again a succesfull 120km for Kentauer KossackMay 19th, 2018

    Again a nice 6th place in the endurance for Kentauer Kossack (Marwan x Vesna by Aswan) and his rider Raquel Costa Codina in the CEI** 120km in Olot, Spain!

    Congratulations to his rider, owner and trainer!

  • Kentauer Kossack finished the CEIYJ** 120km in Spain!April 20th, 2018

    After being the best 4 year old race horse in Poland in 2009 and a succesfully racing career in Germany and Belgium, starts Kentauer Kossack (Marwan x Vesna by Aswan) with great successes in the endurance. He finished the CEIYJ** 120km with a nice 6th place in Tordera, Spain!

    Congratulations to his rider Raquel Costa Codina, owner and trainer!

  • Our new STX Master!March 23rd, 2018

    Very happy with our new STX Master!

    Thanks to Anemone Horsetrucks for the great service!

  • A second place for Vostok Kossack in the UAE March 16th, 2018

    Vostok Kossack (Murhib x Vivien by Abitibi) placed second in the Wathba Stallions Cup – 1800m at the Al Ain Racecourse in the UAE.

    Congratulations to the owner Khalid Mohd Rahma Al Shamsi, trainer Helal Al Alawi and jockey P. Cosgrave!

  • Vodka Kossack finished his first CEI* 90km! March 9th, 2018

    Vodka Kossack (Marwan x Voulu Kossack by Nougatin) successfully finished his first CEI* 90km in Tordera, Spain!

    Ridden by Pau Guillamon Colombians and owned by Ana Feliu Baciana.

  • PrimeVal Kossack again successful in the dressage!January 21st, 2018

    PrimeVal Kossack (Stival x Pribaltika by Balaton) won again his two starts in the dressage ridden by Tara den Hartog!

    Great job both, proud of you!