The Kossack Stud presents for the breeding season 2017...

The Kossack Stud offers today the best Russian bloodlines outside Russia as well as the best French race-lines outside France. Stallions to produce the best possible foals for Show, Riding and Racing; Russian stallions from famous Russian bloodlines like Salon, Nabeg, Menes, Balaton, Aswan, Kumir, Topol, and Naftalin. French stallions with superb performances from the famous lines of Manganate, Cheri Bibi, Dormane and Dunixi.

ByStival Kossack impressed the world with his first foalcrop in 2015. A Wise Guy of Kossack (out of Lady of Kossack) won 3 International Gold medals, PrixStival Kossack (out of Pribaltika) won a Silver Medal at the Nationals and Habib's Robina (out of GB Habibi) won Bronze at the National C-Show.
2016 will be the first breedingseason for the young NuStar Kossack. He can move like his father Kunar T and has the head and neck of his mother Nustice Kossack (by WH Justice).

When only the best will do your choice will be one of the Kossack Stud Stallions for your mares.

Stallions are available worldwide by transported high quality, certified, fresh or frozen semen.

Prices are excl. VAT, registry costs (AVS), handling fee, transport and veterinarian papers.

Life Foal Guarantee

Using fresh semen handling fee, transport and veterinarian papers has to be paid
Using frozen semen extra dosis can be bought
Life foal Guarantee as long as the stallion or semen is at Kossack Stud. Otherwise it can be changed in another "Kossack" stallion.

Limited Foal Guarantee

For more information and conditions please call or mail us