When Performance is a Must Peleng x Miest by Salon
Born: 1984 - 2007
Color: Chestnut
Breeder: The Tersk Stud
Owner: The Kossack Stud
Preferred use: Show and Sport
Semen: Frozen
License: AVS - SCID/CA free



Gomel was born and bred at Tersk Stud and was bought by the Kossack Stud in the autumn of 1987; Gomel was first shown in hand in the spring of 1988; in total he was 6 times Champion Stallion during that showseason, winning Regional, National and International, Champion Stallion at the Masters Open in Oostend, Belgium and European Champion Stallion at Frauenfeld, Switzerland.

After that Mrs. Erny den Hartog started to train him under the saddle and they came in the dressage at the Prix St. Georges –level, competing against normal warmblood horses. He was several times European Champion under the saddle and in the dressage he was winning 44 times out of 54 starts, Gomel transmiss certain characteristics, like type, confirmation, movements and style to his offspring; all his crop have inherited his athletic body, his extremely strong movements; the overall smoothness and his high intelligence combined with good characters. 



Show Results

  • Champion Senior Stallion - International Show Toulouse (France)
  • Reserve Champion Senior Stallion - Oscar International Toulouse (France)
  • Champion Senior Stallion - Regional Show Hoofddorp (Holland)
  • Champion Senior Stallion - International B-Show Schaesberg (Holland)
  • European Supreme Show Champion - Frauenfeld (Switzerland)
  • Supreme Show Champion Stallion - Masters Open Ostend (Belgium)

  • Champion Stallion – Stallion License Show (Holland)
  • Champion “Get of Sire” – National Show Holland

  • Champion Stallion Stallion - License Show (Holland)
  • European Champion Ridden Stallion - European Championships Lier (Belgium)

Sport Results

1990 - 1991 - 1992 - 1993
  • National Dressage Champion - National Championships Holland
  • Succeed for the License Test for breeding part-breds
  • In total 54 starts in dressage, against warmblood horses, from which Gomel was winning 44 times!!!
Peleng Miest
Nabeg Palmira Salon Metropolia
Arax Nomenklatura Salon Ptashka Negativ Sonata Priboj Mammona