"Why accept any less" Kumir x Nutria by Topol
Born: 1986 - 2012
Color: Bay
Breeder: The Tersk Stud
Owner: The Kossack Stud
Preferred use: Show and Sport
Semen: Frozen
License: AVS - SCID/CA free



Nikel was bred at the Russian State Stud Tersk; he raced for three years but owing to an injury he made only 8 starts from which he was 2 times first and 2 times second (3/8(2-2-0)). He is an son of Kumir, a stallion who is known for his athletic offspring. Nikel bred for two years at a small stud in Russia and for one breedingseason at Tersk Stud, before he was sold in the Tersk Holland Sale.

Since that time he is owned by the Kossack Stud and except the last four years lease in France, where he is very successful, he always stood as a sire in Holland.

His products are very successful, both in the showring as well at the racetrack.

Anatevka Kossack (out of Arabella) was National Champion filly Foal 1999 in Holland, Nourek (out of Greenland) was National Champion colt foal 1997 and Futurity Champion 1999 in Holland, Patent (out of Portugalia) was Winner of the Dutch National Race Championships in 1999.
ND's Nitron ( Nikel x Dilemma by Aswan), Winner at the Duindigt Racetrack in Holland on Nov. 19th 2008.



Results of Nikel

  • 3 years of racing – 8 starts – 2 x 1st – 2 x 2nd

Show and race results offspring Nikel

Nourek (out of Greenlandia)
  • National Champion colt foal 1997
  • Futurity Champion 1999

Anatevka (out of Arabella)
  • National Champion Filly foal 1999

Patent (out of Portugalia)
  • Dutch National Champion for race horses 1999

Prinikela Kossack (out of Pribaltika)
  • Junior Champion Filly, NSW State Championships Australia 2006

Aranik Kossack (out of Arabella)
  • Senior Champion Stallion and Best of Show, Regional Show Alkmaar, Holland 2006
  • Gold Medal Champion Senior Stallions and Best of Show, National Show Beemster, Holland 2009
  • Gold Medal Champion Senior Stallions, Dutch National Show Ermelo, Holland 2009

ND'Nitron (out of Dilemma)
  • 2nd place North European Derby, Duindigt, Holland 2009
Kumir Nutria
Mak Kapella Topol Nasturcia
Korej Madila Priboj Kanitel Priboj Taktika Aswan Napersnitsa