Spiderman Kossack

"When French is a Must" Nougatin x Speedy V. Kossack by Abitibi
Born: 2008
Color: Chestnut
Breeder: The Kossack Stud
Owner: The Kossack Stud The Netherlands
Preferred use: Race and Sport
Semen: Fresh
License: AVS - SCID/CA free
Breeding fee: € 1.000,-
Foaling Fee: Life Foal Guarantee
Part Bred Fee: € 500,-


Spiderman Kossack

Spiderman Kossack is by Nougatin, the best French racelines combined in a very well bild horse. Nougatin is by the famous stallion Dormane, 6 wins, father of winners, like:Chaikh Man, Ouragon,du Cayrou, Darike, Dorwan du Cayrou, Noreen, Chndaka and Voulouvant.
Nougating was very successful on lease to the Russian state stud Tersk in 1999 and 2000; since 2001 he was Chief Sire at the Kossack Stud and in 2009 sold to Poland. His dam, Nouilligrautin, 1 win and 5 times places, the best racemare in France in 1991, full sister to succesful Chief Sire Nuits St. Georges, one of the leading sires of racehorses in France.

The dam of Spiderman Kossack is Speedy V. Kossack by Abitibi (by Cheri Bibi), succesfull Groupe I winner and succesfull Sire in the United Kingdom, France and Holland; Speedy V. Kossack is coming out of the famous russian S-line.
Speedy V. Kossack is the Winner of the Abu Dhabi Championship Promotion- Prize, Duindigt, Holland, 2001.

Spiderman Kossack raced as a 3 years old: 5 starts, 3 wins, 2 second places.



Results of Spiderman Kossack

  • Spiderman Kossack raced as a 3 years old: 5 starts, 3 wins, 2 second places.
Nougatin Speedy V. Kossack
Dormane Nouillaugrautin Abitibi Situacia
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